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Lung Restoration Treatment™

Our cellular therapy has been proven to help reduce the debilitating symptoms associated with chronic lung conditions, such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), emphysema and chronic bronchitis. Patients across the country travel to our facilities to receive treatment so they can restore their quality of life, and the type of life-changing results we’ve seen from our treatment have been nothing short of miraculous.

If you’re considering treatment for your chronic lung condition so you can gain back your quality of life, take a moment to review the type of cellular therapy we offer and choose the treatment that is right for you. We are here to answer any questions you may have about what to expect during treatment and what your next steps are to Breathing Easier™.


What to expect from our Lung Restoration Treatment™

The Lung Restoration Treatment™

offered at the Lung Health Institute is a two-day treatment that is performed as a minimally invasive, outpatient procedure.

Day One

You will go through a patient intake session to ensure we have all of your correct medical information before we begin.

Once that is completed, you will undergo a session where we harvest your blood cells and redirect them to the tissue in the lungs to begin reducing the inflammation there.

Day Two

You will undergo continual cellular therapy (PRP-PC) See Below.


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Day One and Two of Lung Restoration Treatment™

How Lung Restoration Treatment™ Works
A small blood sample is taken from the patient.
The cells needed to create the PRP-PC are separated from other cells within the sample.
The concentrated cells are returned into the bloodstream through an IV and follow the natural flow of fluids within the body.
The heart naturally sends the concentrated cells directly to the lungs.
The concentrated cells are naturally caught in the Pulmonary Trap™ where they may begin to promote healing in the lungs.

How Does the PULMONARY TRAP™ Method Play into this Treatment?

The Pulmonary Trap™ method is key to the effectiveness of our Lung Restoration Treatment. The “pulmonary first pass effect,” is when the body carries fluid that is administered through an IV directly to the heart and the lungs. When our clinicians administer the platelet-rich solution into a patient through an IV, it goes directly to the patient’s heart and then into the lungs, which is exactly the area of the body we are targeting to reduce inflammation.

Our Pulmonary Trap™ method works with the natural flow of the body to ensure that the platelet-rich solution reaches the lungs quickly so it can start the process of helping to reduce inflammation. In fact, 91.6%* of our COPD patients report an improvement in quality of life within the first three months of treatment.


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What are the benefits of our Lung Restoration Treatment™?

Our Lung Restoration Treatment™ helps to promote healing from within the lungs, reduce inflammation and potentially slow the progression of your lung disease. Some of the benefits of our Lung Restoration Treatment include:


96.1% patient satisfaction*



Calms lung inflammation



Joint Commission Accreditation



No down time



FDA-cleared medical device



91.6% of patients find improvement*


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