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Planning a road trip can be almost as fun as the actual trip itself, and you may be excited by all of the things there are to do and see along your route. However, you may feel that taking road trips are no longer possible because of your need for supplemental oxygen for your lung condition. On the contrary, with a few simple tips, you can get back to feeling excited about your road trip.

Tips for Taking A Road Trip With Supplemental Oxygen

One tip that you should consider when taking a road trip with supplemental oxygen is to buy or rent a portable oxygen concentrator. These devices suck in the air around them, sterilize it and feed it directly to you. By using the air in your car or RV, a portable oxygen concentrator eliminates the need for you to lug around heavy and cumbersome bottles of oxygen on your road trip.

Another tip that you may want to utilize if you are taking a road trip with supplemental oxygen is to be aware of all the options available for powering your portable oxygen concentrator. Depending on the model, your portable oxygen concentrator batteries may be chargeable with either a DC adapter for the car, through an RV or hotel room’s AC power or both. It is critical that you know which of these options you can use to power your portable oxygen concentrator. This way, you’ll reduce the stress created by worrying about keeping your portable oxygen concentrator charged.

A final tip to keep in mind if you are taking a road trip with supplemental oxygen is to make sure you bring extra supplies for your portable oxygen concentrator. While you may be able to purchase supplies for your portable oxygen concentrator on the road, it is much less stressful and likely less expensive to bring along your own supply of extra hoses, connectors, etc.

The Lung Health Institute Strives to Keep the Quality of Life High for Lung Disease Patients

The dedicated team at the Lung Health Institute wants to help all lung disease patients to maintain the highest possible quality of life. One of the ways that you may be able to improve your quality of life while living with lung disease and possibly reduce your need for supplemental oxygen is with our innovative cellular restoration treatments. 

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