These 4 Apps Will Help You Quit Smoking

Written by: Lung Health
May 23, 2018
These Four Apps Will Help You Quit Smoking.

Ask anyone who has quit or tried to quit smoking, and they will tell you it’s one of the hardest things they have ever had to do. The addiction to cigarettes is strong and is able to overpower our knowledge of the negative consequences these small things have on our health.

However, now there is a new way to quit smoking, and it fits in the palm of your hand. No, it’s not a nicotine patch; it’s your phone. You’re on your phone all day anyway, why not use it to help you cut the addiction that is diminishing your quality of life? There are a number of apps you can download on your phone that is designed to help you break the habit. Here are our top four choices for apps to help you quit smoking.

1. iTunes- LIVESTRONG – MyQuit Coach App

LIVESTRONG is famous for its health-centric blogs and information, so it’s only natural that this website would also offer an app to help you quit smoking. This coaching app is physician-approved and was created based on personalization. You can choose the plan that is right for you – quit cold-turkey or slowly ramp down your intake until you quit altogether. This app also offers a tracking feature where you can input your moods and cravings, and also track progress on the goals you’ve set so you can visualize the improvements you’ve made.

2. iTunes- Quit It lite

Quit It Lite is the opposite of the LIVESTRONG app, though equally as effective. Instead of tracking your progress of quitting smoking, this app tracks the things you have not done, i.e. the number of cigarettes you have not smoked, the number of dollars you have not spent on smoking (talk about motivating!) and the amount of tar that was not absorbed into your bloodstream. Quit It Lite is designed for people who need to track immediate progress with tangible things, not just toward their overall goal of quitting smoking.

3. Android – Cessation Nation

Cessation Nation is an online community where people can come together and support each other toward their goal of quitting smoking. This is a virtual village where people can interact and share their experiences; there are even people who have succeeded in quitting smoking available to help encourage those who are still on their journey. Similar to the Quit It Lite app, this app also features a calculator to show you how much money you have saved by quitting smoking.

4. iTunes and Android – Quit It Now

Quit It now is an app that focuses on your emotional state as you make the journey to quit smoking. You can track your mood changes, feelings of stress and anxiety and any other feelings you experience as you try to quit. This app also gives you real-time stats so you can track how long it has been since you’ve last smoked; you can share these stats through social media to help build accountability.

Once you have quit smoking and have been smoke-free for at least 6 months, you can take the next step toward Breathing Easier by contacting our team at Lung Health Institute to ask about our cellular therapy that is a proven effective method of reducing inflammation in the lungs.

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