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Although exercise can be more difficult to do if you have a lung condition, physical activity is still an important factor in your health and wellness. You should still do as much physical activity as you can, but the key to exercising with a lung condition is to be sure not to overexert yourself.

To help you find some exercises that you can do with your lung condition, the Lung Health Institute offers four exercise tips from its anti-inflammatory initiative (AI2™) plan. 

Breathing exercises can be a breath of fresh air

Since most lung conditions, like COPD or pulmonary fibrosis, restrict your ability to breathe, breathing exercises may be helpful for you. In fact, exercising your lungs using a variety of easy-to-do breathing exercises could be a critical factor in helping you Breathe Easier™.

Some of the breathing exercises recommended by the AI2™ plan are deep breathing, singing, playing the harmonica and using an incentive spirometer. All of these exercises are easy to begin, can be done for a length of time that’s comfortable for you and are easy to scale-up as your lung capacity increases.

Stretch it out

One of the most impacting parts of having a lung condition is that you’re likely to have increased difficulty breathing. These breathing difficulties may tend to make you hunch over as you go about your day. This posture actually further restricts your lungs, making it even more difficult for you to breathe. However, performing some simple stretches a few times a day to open your shoulders and rib cage can be very helpful for improving your posture and giving your lungs more room to work.

Take a walk

Walking is an exercise that we recommend simply because it can so easily be adapted for any level of fitness or lung function. To start, you should pick a distance and a pace that doesn’t leave you feeling too tired to do anything else for the rest of the day. It’s very important that you don’t overdo it, and that you keep in mind every bit of exercise is helpful.

A variation of walking that you may want to try is walking barefoot on grass or sand. This variation can create some variety in your walking. It can also be a little bit more of a physical challenge without being too difficult at the same time.

Use the weight of your body

Getting used to moving your body’s weight around can be very beneficial for you. One of the best ways to do this is to do some simple bodyweight exercises daily.

One easy bodyweight exercise that you could try is doing a squat that involves you sitting down on the couch and then getting up again. You could also try some push-ups against the wall and work up from there. Both of these exercises are great because they allow you to begin by only lifting part of your weight. You can then use variations that allow you to lift more and more of your body’s weight, which will help improve your strength and your overall physical well-being.

The Lung Health Institute can help you with more than just exercise tips

At the Lung Health Institute, our staff knows that living with a lung condition can be a very difficult thing to do. This is why we have created a variety of tools to help you maintain and improve your quality of life.

One of the tools that we offer you is our Anti-Inflammatory Initiative™ (AI2™) plans. In addition to exercise tips, these plans also provide you with helpful information about your diet, tips for getting more sleep and even easy and healthy recipes that are designed to help improve your lung function.

Another tool that we offer is innovative treatments like cellular therapy. Cellular therapy involves our team using your body’s own disease and inflammation-fighting cells in ways that may help to improve the symptoms of your lung condition. 

To find out more about the services we offer, contact a patient coordinator at the Lung Health Institute today.

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