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Patient Resources

We want to give you the tools you need to make your journey to breathing easier as simple as possible. Whether it’s a guide to help you get familiar with Lung Health Institute or forms you need to fill out for treatment, you’ll find it here. As always if you have any questions, please contact your patient coordinator.

Guides and Information

Lung Disease Treatment (Patient Guide)
This guide gives an overview of Lung Health Institute, our cellular therapy and patient stories. At the back of the guide there are authorization forms that can allow us to talk to a friend or family member about your treatment and gather your medical records. These forms are also available below as Authorization to Verbally Discuss Health Information and Authorization to Release Protected Health Information.

Patient Guide


Why Choose Lung Health Institute

An educational one page overview about Lung Health Institute
Whitepapers and Resources

Mayo Regenerative Medicine Symposium Abstract

Effect of Regenerative Medicine Interventions on Chronic Lung
Disease in 2782 Patients.

LHI Regenerative Therapy Article COPD

Patient Perceptions of Life-limiting Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease by Melissa Rubio, PhD, FNP

Autologous Cellular Therapy & its Effects on COPD

A Lung Health Institute Pilot Study by Jack A. Coleman Jr., M.D

Autologous Cellular Therapy & its Effects on Interstitial Lung Disease

New Study Shows Cellular Therapy May Benefit ILD Patients

Hotel Partner Sheets

When you visit our clinics, we want you to be as comfortable as possible. Selecting a hotel can be confusing in an unfamiliar city. These guides will help you if you need to select a nearby hotel and explain the amenities and distance from the clinic.

Provider Bios

The medical staff at Lung Health Institute is highly trained in the field. The entire medical staff works together to provide integrated treatments to ensure the best outcomes for each patient.

Visit our medical providers page to read their bios.


Authorization to Release Protected Health Information to Lung Health Institute
In order to determine if you would be a candidate for cellular therapy, we need to review your medical records. This form lets us collect your records from your medical providers.


Freedom From Smoking Acknowledgement
This form is for patients who speak to their patient coordinator about joining Freedom From Smoking before coming in for treatment.


Patient Registration Packet
To be filled out before you visit our clinics. The sections of the packet include Personal Information, Authorization to Verbally Discuss Health Information, Authorization of Privacy Information and the Wellness Questionnaire.


Authorization to Verbally Discuss Health Information
This form allows you to tell us who, if anyone, you’d like to have us discuss your health information with. You would use one of these forms for each person (other than yourself) who you want to:

  • Allow us to discuss appointment times with
  • Assist you with billing instructions
  • Help you with medical treatment instructions
  • Know your treatment status, such as if you are in a procedure room

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