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Board Certified  Cardiovascular Disease, American Board of Internal Medicine 

Diplomate — Board of Nuclear Cardiology

Echocardiography — National Board of Echocardiography

Hypertension Specialist – American Society of Hypertension



University of Florida Dean’s Grant for Research Activity

Southwestern Medical Foundation Scholarship for Academic Achievement

Moiz Shafiq, M.D., FACC

Medical Director

Dr. Moiz Shafiq brought more than 15 years of medical experience with him when he joined the Lung Health Institute team at our facility in Dallas, Texas. Dr. Shafiq ensures that safe, appropriate, professional and compassionate care is provided to all patients in the Dallas clinic. The most rewarding part of his job is building relationships between doctor and patient. He enjoys meeting people from all walks of life and applying science to help his patients.

Dr. Shafiq earned his medical degree and completed his internship and residency at the University of Texas Southwestern. He then went on to achieve his clinical hypertension fellowship there as well. After that, he completed a cardiology fellowship at the University of Florida.

A researcher and published author in the field of cardiology, Dr. Shafiq’s work has earned him a number of awards and recognitions, including the Southwestern Medical Foundation Scholarship for Academic Achievement.

Dr. Shafiq lives in Texas with his wife and 3 kids. At home, he likes working in the above-ground garden in his backyard. He’s working on constructing a rainwater collection and drip irrigation system.


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