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Silicosis is a disease that targets the lungs as a result of breathing in small amounts of silica, a mineral that is found within sand, rock and mineral ores. If a person works as a miner, glass manufacturer or does foundry work, they have most likely been exposed to silica on a frequent basis and have done damage to their lungs. The silica creates scarring in the lungs and can make it extremely challenging for a person to breathe properly.


There is no exact timeline of silicosis, but symptoms can occur after limited exposure to minerals or not appear until after exposure over a long period. Patients will typically find that their symptoms get worse as the scarring in the lungs gets worsens. Here are some of the symptoms to look out for:

  • Coughing — this is one of the earliest symptoms. If you notice a persistent cough that lasts longer than the typical few days, contact your doctor, it could be a sign that damage has been done to your lungs and you want to catch it as soon as possible
  • Fever and chest pain — this can occur with acute silicosis, and come on suddenly, where you’ll notice you are also experiencing shortness of breath
  • Excess mucus — this may not be a symptom for everyone, but it is common when it comes to chronic silicosis, along with a nagging cough
  • Wheezing — due to the scarring that has developed within the lungs, wheezing may occur because of the lung’s inability to pass air through it without struggling
  • Signs of lung disease — leg swelling and lips turning blue


As mentioned previously, silicosis is caused by exposure to the mineral silica. To diminish your chances of developing this disease that causing severe scarring in your lungs, avoid anywhere that can have you exposed to silica, whether it’s at a mine or glass manufacturer, to name a few possibilities.

Treating Silicosis With Cellular Therapy

While treatment for silicosis will not cure the condition, it can potentially help reduce the symptoms experienced by patients and slow the progression of the disease. Fortunately, Lung Health Institute’s cellular therapy is proven to reduce inflammation in the lungs that is caused by silicosis.

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