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Bronchitis forms when the bronchial tubes and air passages, become inflamed or swell. Bronchitis makes it difficult to breathe and pass oxygen into the lungs, as well as reduces the ability to clear congestion from the airways. There are numerous causes of the disease, including pre-existing colds, viruses, and bacteria that aggravate the bronchial tubes.

Acute bronchitis and chronic bronchitis

Acute Bronchitis is the less severe of the two types of bronchitis. It is often caused by the same viruses that cause colds and flu and patients can typically overcome it within a few days of treatment. It can be extremely contagious, easily passing through the air or by physical contact, whether by kissing someone hello or shaking unwashed hands.

Chronic Bronchitis is a condition that develops suddenly and is more severe than acute. It occurs over time and happens after repeated battles with bronchitis over several months. When a person frequently battles bronchitis, sticky mucus builds in their bronchial tubes over time and diminishes their ability to pass air through their lungs, and chronic bronchitis is the result.


  • Consistent cough
  • Excess mucus – clear, white, yellowish-gray or green and sometimes with blood in it
  • Tiring quickly and easily
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Slight fever and chills
  • Discomfort in the chest area

How to avoid getting bronchitis

While there isn’t a guaranteed way to completely avoid ever getting bronchitis, there are a few things you can do to give you the best chance at not coming down with the condition. This includes treating the simple cold before It gets worse, quit smoking, avoid irritants, wash your hands often, get the flu shot and avoid others who are suffering from acute bronchitis.

Take the Next Step Toward Breathing Easier

If you have been diagnosed with chronic bronchitis, Cellular Therapy at the Lung Health Institute may provide you with some relief from the condition’s symptoms. Our minimally invasive outpatient procedure uses patients’ own cells to naturally promote healing and reduce inflammation in their lungs. Take the next step to find relief. Contact Lung Health Institute today for more information or to schedule a free consultation at 855-882-1292.


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