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There are several alternative therapies for bronchiectasis that may be helpful if you or someone you know is struggling with this disease. Though bronchiectasis has no currently known cure, these therapies may help to manage the symptoms of this condition. Bronchiectasis is a disease where long-term inflammation in the lungs results in the walls of the bronchi, the tree-like air passages in the lungs, becoming thick and scarred.

The increased amassing of mucus in the lungs is the result of this thickening and scarring, and it also leads to an increased likelihood of bacterial infections in the lungs. The disease is characterized by periodic episodes of breathing trouble, fevers, chills and coughing up yellow or green mucus, which are called exacerbations. However, by utilizing both traditional and alternative bronchiectasis therapies, you may be able to manage the symptoms of the disease and maintain a high quality of life.


Cellular Therapy Is a Promising Bronchiectasis Alternative Therapy

In addition to commonly used alternative bronchiectasis therapies such as breathing exercises and proper hydration, cellular therapy from Lung Health Institute may help you to manage the symptoms of the disease better and retain a higher quality of life. However, this exciting and innovative bronchiectasis alternative therapy may go a step further and potentially help to slow the progression of this disease.

At Lung Health Institute, the procedure for administering cellular therapy is a 3-step process that takes place over 2 days of outpatient visits. The 3-step process for this bronchiectasis alternative therapy involves:

  • Taking a blood sample from the patient
  • Separating and isolating platelet-rich plasma-platelet concentrate in our lab
  • Inserting these concentrated cells back into your bloodstream to promote natural healing

The benefits of cellular therapy as an alternative therapy for bronchiectasis may be profound. One benefit is that this simple procedure is minimally invasive, which allows it to be safely administered to patients of all ages and levels of health. Another benefit of this alternative therapy is that there is a low potential for side effects since the procedure makes use of your body’s own cells.

Finally, cellular therapy as a bronchiectasis alternative therapy has the potential to promote natural healing in the lung tissues and reduce lung tissue inflammation, and this benefit may result in slowing the disease’s progression. 

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