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People who experience daily pain and symptoms from a chronic health condition often benefit from keeping a daily treatment journal. This journal can be used to record the date and times that symptoms are experienced, as well as any activity that may be related to the symptoms and any medication or treatment that relieved the symptoms.

Basically, this journal is used to track what triggers cause your symptoms to flare up and what treatments help relieve your pain. Your medical team can use this information to better understand your condition and to create a personalized treatment plan.

While many patients benefit from and are encouraged to keep a treatment journal, there are many additional benefits from also keeping a personal journal.

Create Mindfulness

Though pain is physical, it often takes a toll on our mental health. By journaling your feelings, such as anxiety, fear or frustration, you can lessen the power of those feelings over your mental health. Journaling your feelings empowers you to have control over what you feel, instead of feeling like you are controlled by your fears or anxieties.

Make Goals and Motivate Yourself

When keeping a daily journal, you can write down your aspirations and goals, as well as the things that inspire you to get there. You can make an action plan and track the progress you take toward your goals. This will help you stay on track and hold yourself accountable toward achieving your dreams.

A journal is also a great place to write down the things that inspire you. This can be quotes, conversations or anything else that puts that determination in your soul to reach your goals. On your less productive days, you can read through these pages of inspiration and use them as motivation to get where you want to go.

Find a Creative Outlet

Sometimes, we all need a place to be creative. In fact, for creative people who don’t have a lot of creative outlets in life (maybe you work in a more analytical job or don’t have a lot of free time), journaling short stories or sketches can help relieve the creative tension that you build up every day.

If you are experiencing a decline in your quality of life due to a chronic illness, such as a lung condition, try to incorporate keeping a journal with your other doctor-recommended treatment methods. We also recommend that you contact our team at the Lung Health Institute to discuss our cellular therapy treatment — a proven effective way to reduce lung inflammation by using the body’s own healing cells. Contact our team today for more information.

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