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Siderosis is an occupational lung disease, also known as “welder’s lung” or “silver polisher’s lung.” It’s caused by inhaling iron particles, and can develop even years after the patient leaves the contaminated environment. Siderosis is a type of pneumoconiosis and interstitial lung disease that cause scarring and inflammation in the lungs’ airways and air sacs over time. Eventually, it causes the lungs to stiffen and harden, and it can become difficult to breathe.

Traditional Siderosis Treatment Only Addresses the Symptoms

Siderosis is also known as a benign form of pneumoconiosis, since there are usually no symptoms. However, it can lead to other progressive conditions, like chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and emphysema, which create breathing difficulties, wheezing and coughing. Some evidence also shows reduced lung function in those with siderosis. In addition, low blood oxygen levels can cause symptoms like fatigue, and even lead to organ damage.

There is no cure for siderosis, and traditional treatments will only treat the symptoms themselves. These treatments might include medication, oxygen therapy and breathing exercises. There is also a focus on prevention, which may range from personal protective equipment like respirators to workplace ventilation and even limiting exposure to the contaminants in the first place.

Cellular Therapy May Be an Effective Treatment for Siderosis

Unlike other treatment options, cellular therapy is a natural, minimally invasive treatment that harvests a patient’s own cells via a blood sample and introduces the cells into the lungs via the bloodstream. This treatment may be able to reduce the inflammation in the lungs.

Many patients have been able to improve their overall quality of life after cellular therapy, and even reduce their reliance on oxygen and medication. The inflammation and scarring from siderosis may be permanent, but cellular therapy may be able to make it easier for you to return to the activities you love, spend more time with family and generally enjoy improved mood and energy levels. 

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