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For 8 years now, Maria has been living with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), but her path with this chronic lung disease was much rockier before she had cellular therapy at Lung Health Institute. 

What Was Maria’s Life Like Before Her Treatment?

Before coming to Lung Health Institute, Maria’s life was slowly deteriorating. She wasn’t able to bathe without assistance, and it was impossible for her to do any chores around the house. 

At one point, she had to rush to the hospital because it was so hard for her to breathe. When the staff there tested her blood oxygen level, it was so low that she was put on supplemental oxygen. When asked how often she had to use oxygen before her treatment, Maria said, “I was using oxygen for about 23 hours a day.” She had to get an oxygen tank, but that was big and hard to move around with. Eventually, she got a portable oxygen concentrator, but she was still embarrassed by it. 

What Has Maria’s Life Been Like Since Her Treatment?

Since having cellular therapy at Lung Health Institute, Maria’s journey with COPD has gotten much smoother. For example, the only time she’s using oxygen now is when she’s in bed, and she’s hoping to stop using it at night soon as well. Maria has also gained back much of the independence COPD had taken from her. For example, she’s able to do chores around the house with no trouble. She can bathe by herself again, and cooking 3 meals a day for herself and her husband is possible now, too, as long as he does the dishes. 

In addition to cellular therapy, Maria has also been using the Anti-Inflammatory Initiative, also known as AI2™, diet from Lung Health Institute. That’s helped her drop over 30 pounds, and this has helped take a lot of stress off her lungs. She’s even told her daughter that she’ll be able to salsa dance with her again soon. Maria’s advice to people thinking about having cellular therapy at Lung Health Institute is, “If you get the opportunity to get it done, get it done. Because the quality of life is so much better.”

Find Out How You Can Get Help For Your COPD at Lung Health Institute

At Lung Health Institute, we’re dedicated to helping as many patients as possible get results like Maria’s. We offer natural treatments like cellular therapy, an option that is minimally invasive and uses cells from your own blood to fight COPD. We also offer 3 AI2 plans. These plans provide tips for a lung-healthy diet and other helpful information, and they’re intended to boost the immune system naturally and train the body to fight inflammation using fats as fuel. 

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