Ken H. and Lung Health Institute: A Journey Back to Hope

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September 17, 2019
Ken H. and Lung Health Institute: A Journey Back to Hope

Interstitial lung disease (ILD) is one of the many chronic lung diseases that can seem hopeless. Ken has been on a journey at Lung Health Institute that has restored his hope of a better life. 

Why Was Ken Without Hope Before Coming to Lung Health Institute?

Many issues were contributing to Ken’s sense of hopelessness, and these issues are ones many people with ILD can relate to. He wasn’t able to go to the bathroom by himself, and walking just 30 feet wasn’t something he could do without stopping to catch his breath. It had gotten to the point that he was on oxygen 24/7. Things were so bad that Ken said, “I was getting worse every week.”


Cellular Therapy From Lung Health Institute Has Helped Restore Ken’s Hope

Just when things couldn’t have seemed more hopeless, Ken saw an ad on television for cellular therapy from Lung Health Institute. He called the number, and the patient coordinator he talked to encouraged him to set up his first cellular therapy appointment. 

Since then, Ken has not only regained his hope, he has been able to do many things that he couldn’t do before his treatment. In fact, he feels so good that he’s even been able to go for short runs. He was able to stop using oxygen completely. 

Ken has spoken highly of Lung Health Institute and the treatment he’s gotten here. In a recent video interview with Lung Health Institute, he said, “You guys are helping make a lot of good days, and I expect a lot more in the future.” To his fellow ILD patients, Ken also encourages them to have cellular therapy from Lung Health Institute, saying, “There is hope. It’s worth it.”

Find Out How You Can Get Help With ILD at Lung Health Institute

One of the best things about cellular therapy at Lung Health Institute is that it can help people with many different chronic lung conditions, and this includes patients with ILD. 

When patients receive cellular therapy, a small sample of the patient’s own blood is taken. Then, platelets, proteins, growth factors and other beneficial cells are separated and concentrated from the blood sample. These concentrated cells are then returned into the bloodstream, and this may promote the repair of damaged tissue and reduce inflammation. It can also allow patients to Breathe Easier™ and improve their quality of life.

Take the next step to Breathe Easier with chronic lung disease. Contact a Lung Health Institute patient coordinator today for more information or to schedule a free consultation.

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