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How Cellular Therapy Works to Calm Your Lung Inflammation

Written by: Lung Health
December 28, 2018
Calm Your Lung Inflammation

Cellular therapy may not be a type of treatment you’ve considered to treat your chronic lung inflammation. You may have never even heard of this form of lung disease treatment. Lung Health Institute wants to help you find out about the many benefits offered by our cellular therapy treatments, including the potential it has to calm your lung inflammation.

How is Cellular Therapy Administered?

If you’ve never heard of cellular therapy before, you may be surprised to learn that some parts of treatment may be familiar.

The first step our team will take is to take a  small, 2-ounce blood sample from you through an IV, much like a regular blood draw. Then, we’ll place the blood sample into a centrifuge for about 15 minutes. This will allow us to separate helpful cells to make platelet-rich plasma-platelet concentrate.

Next, we’ll use your IV to return the cells from the centrifuge to your body. This reinsertion only takes approximately 10 minutes. When the cells enter the bloodstream, your heart naturally pumps them through your circulatory system, and they enter your lungs where they can go to work.

Administering cellular therapy isn’t very complicated, but the specific components can make it effective for calming your lung inflammation. The cells we use in our cellular therapy come directly from the blood sample we take from you. Some of the cells from the sample are undifferentiated, which means they haven’t taken on their final form yet. This allows them to become almost any type of cell in your body, and it’s this ability that makes them so important to cellular therapy. The other cells include the body’s natural healing cells that normally mobilize when you are injured.

Get the Best Natural Lung Disease Treatments at Lung Health Institute

Cellular therapy may have the benefit of helping to calm your lung inflammation, but it’s not the only helpful form of treatment we offer at Lung Health Institute. Another potentially helpful treatment we can offer you is our Anti-Inflammatory Initiative™. Also known as AI²™, this program includes a variety of information may help you reduce inflammation.

Some of the information included in the plan is anti-inflammatory meal plans, sleep tips and fasting techniques.

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