Can I Receive Cellular Therapy If I Still Smoke?

Can I Receive Cellular Therapy If I Still Smoke?

Written by: Lung Health
October 5, 2019

Lung Health Institute requires all patients to be smoke-free for 30 days or to take a smoking cessation course for a minimum of 2 weeks before they receive cellular therapy. We adhere to this policy because smoking’s dangerous effects on the body can interfere with your treatment, and it might make cellular therapy less effective. 

We know that quitting smoking is one of the hardest habits to break, even if you want to. Most people will go through several attempts to quit before breaking the cycle of nicotine addiction for good. 

Quitting smoking is the first step you must take to protect the health of your lungs and body. The second step is receiving cellular therapy to help treat your chronic lung disease. 

Why Do I Need to Be Smoke-Free to Receive Cellular Therapy? 

Cellular therapy has a greater chance of being effective when no outside factors are affecting the ability of cells to promote lung tissue healing. Cigarette smoke harms the airways, tiny air sacs and cilia within the respiratory system. If you are still smoking after you receive cellular therapy, your lungs will not have the chance to begin healing. Smoking will continue to cause damage to your respiratory system. 

What Is the Freedom From Smoking® Plus Program?

Freedom From Smoking® Plus is a smoking cessation program created by the American Lung Association. Lung Health Institute offers participation in the program, at no additional cost, for all our patients who are still smoking but who want to receive cellular therapy. If you choose to take this program, you must be enrolled for a minimum of 2 weeks before you can receive treatment with us.

Freedom From Smoking® Plus is an online, interactive 6-week program. The course helps you develop an individualized quit plan and build strategies to help you manage stress and prevent setbacks. Along the way, you can connect with an online community of other people who are in the program. You’ll also have access to smoking cessation counselors who can provide you with support and advice. The program has activities, videos and quizzes to keep you engaged in the course and focused on your quit goals.

Let Lung Health Institute Help You Quit Smoking

We encourage you to take advantage of the Freedom From Smoking® Plus program if you need help to stop smoking. By itself, quitting smoking will improve your lung health and help reduce your chronic lung disease symptoms. The added benefit is that once you have been smoke-free for 30 days, or you have been in the Freedom From Smoking® Plus course for 2 weeks, you may be eligible to receive cellular therapy.

Cellular therapy has the potential to reduce lung inflammation and promote healing of damaged lung tissues. By targeting and reducing chronic airway inflammation, cellular therapy may be able to decrease the severity and frequency of your symptoms, as well as slow the progression of your disease. If you are interested in learning more or scheduling a free consultation, contact a Lung Health Institute patient coordinator today.

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