4 Foods to Avoid if you Want to Decrease Mucus Production

Written by: Lung Health
April 4, 2019
4 Foods to Avoid if you Want to Decrease Mucus Production

When you have chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), your lungs can produce too much mucus. This makes it harder to breathe, which is a significant problem since the inflammation from COPD already causes shortness of breath.

One way you can limit the production of mucus in your lungs is to change your diet. There are some foods and drinks that cause the lungs to produce more and thicker mucus.

Here are 4 kinds of foods you should avoid if you have COPD:

1. High-Histamine Foods

Histamines are chemicals that the body uses to remove potential irritants from the body. The production of histamines is primarily triggered by allergies. These histamines can help keep you healthy, but they often cause an increased production rate of mucus.

Some foods contain high amounts of histamines. These include fermented foods like yogurt, sour cream, pickled vegetables or alcoholic drinks. Consuming foods and drinks high in histamines can contribute to the production of mucus, so you’ll want to limit how much you consume or eliminate them completely from your diet.

2. Caffeinated Foods and Drinks

Sources of caffeine like coffee or black tea can lead to the production of thick mucus. Caffeine may cause dehydration to develop, which also results in the production of thicker mucus. Thick mucus is harder to clear from the lungs, which means you’ll have a more difficult time breathing if you have COPD. If you do indulge in caffeine, make sure you stay hydrated.

3. Processed Meats

Your body needs proteins to fuel the cells and build new tissue. However, processed meats are known to cause mucus to build up in the throat due to their additives and preservatives. Avoid processed meats and choose organic, pastured or grass-fed cuts instead.

4. Dairy Products

Dairy products tend to make mucus thicker. As mentioned before, thick mucus is a problem because it’s more difficult to clear out of the lungs.

Dairy is an important part of many diets, so you may not want to completely eliminate dairy products. However, you should limit how much you consume to avoid creating thicker mucus and exacerbating your COPD symptoms.

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