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Living with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) isn’t easy, but with the right education and support from professionals and friends, you can improve your quality of life. Managing your COPD is even more difficult during the cold months, so Lung Health Institute and I want to give you a few pointers that can help you get through the season. 

Managing COPD During the Holiday Season

  1. Exercise inside — Exercising is an important part of taking care of your lungs when you have COPD. Exercising helps improve your cardiovascular health and the strength of your muscles. This helps take some strain off your lungs so you can breathe more clearly.

    As an athlete, I love to exercise to help keep my lungs clear. However, cold weather has the potential to limit your ability to exercise outdoors. Chilly air makes it more difficult to breathe, so when it’s cold outside, you may  want to move your exercise activities indoors. You can do the same by using a treadmill or exercise bike at the gym or in your home to continue exercising when it’s too cold outside.

  2.  Keep your inhaler close — You can’t be expected to stay inside throughout the entire winter. When you go outside, though, the cold air increases your risk of coughing or growing short of breath. That’s why I always keep my inhaler on me when it’s cold outside. Even though it’s tempting to use the inhaler as a last resort and push through the coughing, it’s better to play it safe in the cold months and use your inhaler to help manage your symptoms.

  3. Be careful about which foods you eat — There are a lot of delicious meals and desserts to enjoy during the holidays, but many of them contain ingredients that aren’t good for you if you have COPD. Be careful to avoid holiday foods that are high in unhealthy oils, carbohydrates or sugar and preservatives. There are plenty of alternative recipes for many of your favorite meals and desserts that are healthier for you that you can try.

Fight Inflammation and Shortness of Breath With AI2™ From Lung Health Institute

Education and support are a vital part of improving your quality of life when you have COPD. That’s why Lung Health Institute came up with the Anti-Inflammatory Initiative (AI2). AI2 includes nutritional guidance and other steps you can follow to adjust your daily life and help you Breath Easier™. 

Would you like to find out how AI2 can help you fight inflammation in your lungs? Contact a Lung Health Institute patient coordinator today for more information or to schedule a free consultation.

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